"I was stunned when the Still Water Team got offers on my house that were well over what I was asking."

– Spencer R.

“Can't say enough positive things about the Still Water Team. Thanks for all your help.”

-Rick S.

"If your not happy with our service, we pay you!"

-Still Water Team

The Best Real Estate Experience You’ve Ever Had.

Our guarantee is simple

If you are not happy with our service, we pay you! There is not another company on this planet (that I am aware of) that will offer this guarantee.

Buyer's Peace of Mind

Within the first 12 months if you are unhappy with the new home we have helped you find we will sell your home free of charge.

We simply could not get our home sold! It had been on the market for over 2 years with various agents. When we met the Still Water Team and decided to list with them we were apprehensive to say the least. It took them just 4 months to sell our home and we just couldn’t believe their level of professionalism. They have earned our business and the business of our entire family for life!!

Jim and Bella M.

Home Seller

The team stayed in touch with me constantly. I never wondered what was going on or felt like we had to pester them for answers. Everyone was so caring. I really just felt like I was important to them. They aren’t joking when they say it’s the best real estate experience you will ever have! At least it was for me!

Amanda R.

Home Buyer

The only thing we ask is that you let us know when you feel something is not going well. We are people and people make mistakes. We believe that sometimes mistakes are one of our greatest opportunities to show off our one of a kind service but if we don’t know about it we can’t fix it.

Don't be shy. Get in touch.

You won’t be sorry.

* Offer not valid after closing

• Payment is a $200 visa gift card

• Buyer peace of mind-cooperating broker must still be paid