Sidekick Club

That's Right! This Superhero has Sidekicks!

Our vast network of extremely satisfied clients that talk about us every chance they get is foundational to who we are. Without all these extraordinary people, well we simply wouldn’t exist. We make it easy to join the sidekick club and to start claiming your rewards. (If we helped you close a transaction you are already enrolled in our sidekick program)

What Our Sidekicks Get:

For each referral you send our way, not only will they get the same amazing service you got, but we will pay for either their home warranty (if they are selling) or a home inspection (if they are buying). Yes you did hear that right. The referral you send to us will automatically get free stuff just because one of our sidekicks sent them.


Don’t worry, we’re not done yet! For each referral you send to us that closes a transaction we send you a gift as well (prizes vary).

Refer someone

Be a sidekick

• Gifts not to exceed $50

• Is not the payment of commission to a non-licensed person

• Prizes may vary based on availability